Updated February 27, 2023

Each Merchant is required to supply professional product photography for the Merchant’s product listings. Below are the requirements:

  1. Size and Resolution. Each photo should be square, and at least 800 x 800 pixels, 72ppi resolution minimum.
  2. File Format. All product photography should be supplied in JPG format. PDF will not be accepted. Logos and other graphical images may be supplied in PNG format.
  3. Lighting. Photography should be well-lit and shot in a bright area. Each product should be clearly visible.
  4. Background. All photos should be shot and supplied with a natural background, i.e. the product should not be “cut out” in photoshop and transposed with an artificial background. We recommend shooting the photos with a white background, but it’s ok if there are shadows and natural elements. Light gray or white background is preferred, but other backgrounds will be accepted as long as they are professional and “on-brand” for the Merchant’s brand and products.
  5. Supplemental Photography. We require there be at least one main photo of the product, and one photo that is close enough that the label of the product (if applicable) is clearly visible. Supplemental photography (e.g. lifestyle shots) may be submitted as well for consideration.