Royal Spirulina

We strive to bring you the highest quality living spirulina available on the market today. Royal Spirulina offers superior taste, vibrant color, more nutrients, and four times the live cells than found in other spirulina brands. Our proprietary process keeps the cell wall in-tact, delivering the absolute best Spirulina available.

Full Spectrum Spirulina

Known as one of the most nutritionally complete superfoods on the planet, our full spectrum spirulina is cultivated and freeze dried using our patent pending technologies. It is bright green and tastes amazing.

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Phycocyanin Spirulina Extract

Our blue spirulina (phycocyanin) is a powerful superfood extracted from our full spectrum blue-green algae. Best used in beverages and in recipes to add a vibrant, royal blue color.

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A Cut Above the Rest

When compared to the other leading brands, our spirulina stands out above the rest. Exceptional flavor, vibrant color, longer shelf life and up to four times more living cells than other spirulina powders.

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Start incorporating the highest quality spirulina into your creative recipes and set yourself apart from the rest.