Rising Product

This guide will walk you through the reasons why product is rising out of your Goodnature X-6 press bag.

To prevent the overflow of product during pressing, make sure you are using the proper grinding disc for the specific product you wish to grind. Grinding a product to the point of liquefaction will invariably result in pomace overflow during the pressing cycle as well as reduced yields. Also, make sure the proper bag weave, which is designated by number, is being used for the specific product to be pressed.

Your flow control valve should be set so as to provide a very slow press (Open the flow control valve 3/4 of a turn counterclockwise from the closed position). A slow press is necessary to produce the desired yields as well as to prevent the overflow of product from the bags.

Make sure your bags have been properly emptied before each pressing cycle. Failure to do so may result in product overflow as any remaining pomace will clog the bag, preventing the free extraction of juice from the bag.

Always use the bungee cord, supplied by Goodnature, to hold your bags in place during pressing, doing so will guarantee that plate pressure will be evenly distributed over the area of each bag, and in turn provide optimum yields during each pressing cycle.

Do not fill your bags over the 3/4 limit, suggested by Goodnature. Overfilling of bags may result in loss of product out of the top of the bags.

Pressing with cleaned bags, bags that have either been hand washed or machined washed will guarantee the release of juice during pressing and mitigate product overflow.

Note: When bags show signs of wear and the possibility of tearing, it is time to replace the bags.

For additional technical support needs, contact our technical support team. To order new parts and press bags, visit the X-6 parts page.