How to Prevent and Troubleshoot Low Hydraulic Oil

This procedure will guide you through the steps to prevent and troubleshoot low hydraulic oil on your Goodnature X-6.

The hydraulic power unit consumes very little hydraulic fluid. The most common reason behind a low hydraulic fluid condition is a leak at some point in the system. Leaks can usually be identified by a slick on the floor below where the leak is occurring. Any leak not attended to in a timely manner  can result in a low fluid condition.

How Do You Know if You Are Low on Fluid?

The first sign will be a gurgling sound resonating from the power unit. This gurgling will occur as the platen is moving from completely closed to open. Another sign will be sluggish response from the cylinders when the platen begins to move from the completely open position. If either of these conditions are observed you will need to check your fluid level.

How to Check the Oil Level

  1. The reservoir of the X-6 has black plastic breather cap installed in it. This cap should only be hand tight and is where you will check the fluid level.
  2. Important: Fluid levels should only be checked with the X-6 in the completely closed position. After ensuring that the press is closed, shut off the power unit and remove the black breather cap. Using a dip stick check to see if the fluid is within 1” of the top of the reservoir (you can use a rolled up paper towel as a dip stick). If the level is low, add fluid until the level is within 1” of the top of the reservoir. Only use an ISO32 Food Grade Hydraulic Fluid.

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