Press Shuts Off

This procedure will guide you through the steps to troubleshoot your Goodnature X-6 shutting off unexpectedly.

Failure of the juice tray to make contact with the limit switch, at the rear of the unit, will cause your X-6 press to shut off.

During operation, a slight vibration is produced; this vibration may cause the tray to move toward the rear of the machine, disengaging the arm of the limit switch from the tray, shutting down the press. To prevent such an occurrence, before each production run, make sure the screw which holds the limit switch mount in place is properly secured; tighten this screw as firmly as possible. Also, make sure your tray is pushed all the way to the back of the machine and is engaging the limit switch before each press, or at any time you have removed the tray from the press.

If your tray is engaging the limit switch and your press shuts down prematurely, first, have qualified personnel make sure all of the wiring on the machine is properly secured, this includes the wiring inside the electrical box and transformer housing, as a lose wire may cause premature cut-off of operation.  

If the wires are firmly secured, with the plastic on/off electrical box cover off and the machine unplugged, Check to make sure that the small dial, located in the bottom right hand corner of the electrical box on/off switch is set to 8. If this dial is set under 8, your press will prematurely shut off. To set this dial, take a very small flat head screw driver and turn the small dial clockwise, until you reach 8 (the settings on the dial are designated in small increments).

Caution: Do not set the dial over the limit of 8; doing so may cause serious damage to your X-6 press.

For additional technical support needs, contact our technical support team. To order new parts and press bags, visit the X-6 parts page.