Bag Installation

This procedure will guide you through the steps to properly install press bags on your Goodnature X-6.

  1. The proper installation of your X-6 bag set is necessary to achieve optimum yields during each pressing cycle.
  2. Each bag weave has been designated by its own number. Choose the proper bag weave before inserting the bag set into your X-6 press. Your choice of bag depends upon what you will be pressing.
  3. Insert one bag between each plate, placing the grommets on each end-bag over each of the three studs on the end plates.
  4. Run your bungee cord through the grommets at the bottom of the bags and holes on the plates at the bottom of the rack and tie off the cord end leaving about two inches of cord in excess. Measure about two inches at the other end and cut your cord and tie it off.
  5. Repeat this process on the other side of the bottom of the rack.
  6. (Do not tie off your cord too tight, as doing so will make it very difficult to untie the cord and remove the bags at the end of your pressing cycle)

For more detailed information on your X-6, refer to the X-6 Owner's Manual. For product and ordering information, visit the X-6 product page. To order new parts and press bags, visit the X-6 parts page.