Replacing O Ring on Hydraulic Pump

This procedure will guide you through the steps to replacing the hydraulic pump O ring on your Goodnature X-1.

  1. Remove both lines from the hydraulic pump using a 9/16″ wrench.
  2. Remove all four bolts holding the pump to the motor, making sure not to lose the washers.
  3. Slide the tank and pump off, and drain the oil into a bucket that can hold 1-2 gallons of oil.
  4. Once the tank is empty, remove the 6 screws holding the tank to the pump.
  5. Using a rubber mallet, tap gently to separate the pump from the tank.
  6. Once separated, gently remove the old o ring being sure not to scratch pump.
  7. Slide on new O ring, making sure it is seated into the proper groove.
  8. Slide pump back into tank, spread oil on the O ring so it slides in easier.
  9. Line up screw holes so they match.
  10. Gently use a mallet to tap pump down to tank, make sure to keep screw holes lined up.
  11. Screw back in the 6 screws, tighten.
  12. Re-attach the pump to the motor, the lines to the pump and add oil.

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