Preventing Press Bags From Breaking

Bursting or breaking your press bags can be caused by a number of things, but we have all the solutions on how to prevent breakage and increase the longevity of your press bags.

***This article pertains to pressing on the Goodnature X-1 and larger machines only***

Breaking or bursting press bags can be caused by the following:

  1. Over-filling or under-filling the press bag
  2. Pressing too quickly
  3. Pressing with clogged press bags
  4. Pressing with too much pressure

How to prevent these issues

  1. The press bags should always be filled 50-75% full.
  2. Press slowly whenever possible. The press is equipped with a flow control valve to allow the user to slow the speed of the press down. With a slower setting, your cake will come out dry, your yields will be maximized and you will ensure good bag performance. You may speed up the press when desired, but be aware this can cause the bag to break at the seams and may decrease yield.
  3. Clogged press bags can be prevented by proper cleaning, and always using a fine weave bag when pressing a finely ground or very soft fruit or vegetable. Attempting to press a finely ground product with a medium or wide weave bag may cause the bag to clog, which can cause the bag to break.