Press Will Not Turn On

This guide will walk you through the reasons why your Goodnature SX-280 press is not turning on.

There are a few reasons that your SX-280 press will not turn on. For the purpose of this article, it is assumed that the SX-280 press is plugged into an operational receptacle that has been verified by qualified personnel.

The electrical enclosure for SX-280 has two separate controls for powering on the SX-280 press. The first component is the On/Off disconnect switch, and the second being the red E-stop button. Either of these components could likely be the issue if you are having issues getting power to the motor.

Troubleshooting the On/Off disconnect switch

When the disconnect switch is placed turned to the “ON” position, the operator should feel resistance while turning the handle as well as hear the switch when it actuates. If neither of these two indicators are observed and the motor will not turn on, contact qualified personnel to repair or replace the disconnect switch.

Troubleshooting the E-stop

The red E-stop button is a push/pull operator. When the e-stop is pulled out, it is considered to be in the “ON” position.  When it is pushed in it is “OFF”. Anytime that you switch between the two states (on/off) you should hear the contacts engage and disengage with a an audible “click”. If this is not observed and the motor will not turn on, contact qualified personnel to replace the e-stop.

Turning on the press

In order for the motor of your SX-280 to turn “ON”, both of these controls must be in the “ON” position. If both of these controls are in the “ON” position and the motor will not start, have qualified personnel power up the electrical assembly with the electrical box open. Turn the disconnect switch “ON”, followed by the E-stop. What does the display on the VFD read? This error message may indicate the issue. Write down the error message and contact Goodnature.

For additional technical support needs, contact our technical support team. To order new parts and press bags, visit the SX-280 parts page.