"LF" Displayed on Keypad

This guide will walk you through the steps to understanding and resolving the "LF" message displayed on your EG-400 keypad.

LF is a fault message indicating that the incoming line voltage is too low. To troubleshoot the issue have a qualified electrician perform the following tests:

  1. Verify incoming voltage to the VFD is 208-230v AC.
  2. If voltage is correct, VFD has most likely failed and needs to be replaced.
  3. To test this, have qualified personnel remove the wires between the VFD and motor then power up EG-260 and press start.
  4. Do you still get the “LF” error?
  5. If yes, replace VFD.
  6. If not, there most likely is an issue with the motor, and the motor should be replaced.

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