"CL" Displayed on Keypad

This guide will walk you through the steps to understanding and resolving the "CL" message displayed on your EG-400 keypad.

“CL” is a warning message indicating that the motor is drawing more amps than the current limit setting entered into the VFD. This warning message may be displayed for multiple reasons, all of which are listed below, along with possible solutions:

Incorrect Speed Setting

There is a direct relationship between speed and horsepower when operating the grinder. As you increase speed you increase the horsepower. If you experience a “CL” warning when operating at slower speeds(below 45hz), increase the speed to above 45hz and continue grinding.

Product Build-Up

While processing certain products, a “CL” warning will be an indicator of built up product inside the hopper. This can happen after long production runs. To address this, simply open the hopper (with unit powered down), clean out built up product and reattach the hopper.

Dull or Incorrect Grinder Screen

The grinder screens are a consumable and after extended use they will start to dull. As a grinder screen dulls it becomes more susceptible to clogging, allowing product to build up. It is recommended that a replacement grinder screen is on hand at all times. Using an incorrect grinder screen can also cause a “CL” warning. Always match the grinder screen to the product you are grinding.

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