Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Goodnature CT7.

What is the output of the CT7?

Depending on recipe and workflow, you can produce 4-9 gallons per hour of cold-pressed juice or nut milks. Produce like apples or cucumber will produce more juice than something like kale or spinach.

Will it work in my country?

We can manufacture the CT7 to work on the electrical specs for almost any country.

How much does the CT7 weigh?

About 75 lbs

Do I need any other equipment in order to make juice?

You must cut the fruit and vegetables in a commercial food processor prior to pressing in the CT7. We recommend using the Sammic CKE-8 or the Robot Coupe Blixer 6v.

How do I clean the bags?

The bags are single use, compostable press bags (similar to a coffee filter), so you don’t need to clean them. You simply dispose of the bag after use.

Is the CT7 hard to clean?

The CT7 is the easiest to clean juicer available, since all of the parts that touch the juice can be simply lifted out and carried to a sink or dishwasher. See our videos for more information.

What are the electrical specs?

The US versions run on 110v, 60Hz, single phase, and the international versions vary depending on the region.

What type of electrical plug comes on the machine?

Our US version come with a standard 110v plug, and the international versions vary by region.

Is the CT7 dangerous to operate?

The CT7 is the safest commercial juice press to operate since it has a safety lid over the press.