Changing the Oil on the X-1

This procedure will guide you through the steps to changing the oil on your Goodnature X-1.

Does the oil need to be changed?

If the press isn’t pressing with around 1800 PSI, check the oil level of the hydraulic reservoir with the press fully open.

Tip: Remove the breather cap and dip in a rolled up piece of paper towel. The level should be 1” – 2” (25 – 50 mm) from the top and clear in color. 

  • Add Oil:  If clear in color, but a drop in oil level is noticed, check the system for leaks. If oil is needed, replace with oil.
  • Change Oil: If the oil appears to be milky in color, it’s time to change your oil.


  • Soap or chemicals should NOT be applied to the inside of the tank during cleaning or draining. Introducing foreign chemicals to the inside of the tank increases the chances of contaminating the hydraulic system and components causing premature wear or damage. 
  • Ensure the breather cap is always on during operation and cleaning. A cracked or damaged cap should be replaced immediately.
  • The breather cap does not seal the hydraulic system from outside elements. Spraying the breather cap with direct water will contaminate the hydraulic system.

Steps to change the oil on the X-1:

1. Remove both lines from the hydraulic pump using a 9/16″ wrench.

2. Remove all four 9/16” bolts that secure the pump to the motor, making sure not to lose the saw tooth washers.

3. Slide the tank and pump off, remove the drain plug, and drain the oil into a bucket that can hold 1-2 gallons of oil. The silver drain plug is located on the circular face of the black tank at the base. See photos below for visual instruction.


4. Discard the used oil according to local state and federal guidelines. Most automotive shops will dispose of used oil free of charge.

5. Remove the breather cap and add fresh oil, ISO 32 Oil, into the tank. The tank capacity is about 2 gallons. After filling the tank to the correct level, reinstall the new breather cap. Check your hydraulic gauge pressure and ensure it is between 1,500 psi and 1,800 psi. If the hydraulic gauge pressure is not in the correct range we recommend adjusting the pressure set screw at the base of the tank. Watch this video, Pressure Adjust, for how this procedure is done.

6. Ongoing maintenance: We recommend watching this video, X-1 Maintenance Video Guide, which goes over the items that should be checked at various intervals. Keeping up with these items will ensure proper long-lasting operation.


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For additional technical support needs, contact our technical support team. To order new parts and press bags, visit the X-1 parts page.