Assemble the CT7 Press Chamber Guide and Video

Watch the video for an overview of setting up your CT7 press chamber and follow the guide below for step-by-step general instruction.

  1. Start assembly with the Pressing Chamber front plate as the base to which the other plates are added.
  2. Take the Chamber Face, align the mating dovetail and groove then slide the Chamber Side (Left) as shown. The plate slides upward in the groove until it stops.
  3. The Chamber Side (Right) mates in a similar fashion but slides in a downward direction until it stops.
  4. With the juice grooves facing upwards and the tabs pointing toward the Chamber Face and slide the Chamber Bottom until the Lock Tabs fully engage with the Chamber Face. If the Chamber Bottom isn’t fully slid into position, the pressing chamber will not properly fit into the machine.

For more detailed information on setting up your CT7, refer to the CT7 Owner's Manual. To order new parts and press bags, visit the CT7 parts page.