how much sugar is in an acai bowl


How Much Sugar Is In An Açaí Bowl?

While açaí berry purée is sugar-free, açaí bowls typically have around 65 grams of sugar due to the other fruits and ingredients blended in.

Pure wild-harvested açaí berries are completely free of sugar. They are packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A, calcium and various essential nutrients, but zero sugar. These purple berries from South America are often hailed as superfoods due to their numerous health benefits. However, on their own they have a bitter taste which makes them less appealing for consumption, which is why they are blended with other sweeter fruits, or added sugar.

How Much Sugar is in Commercial Açaí Bowls?

While açaí berries are a major superfood, the irresistible, visually appealing açaí bowl creations found in trendy smoothie shops often come with a hidden downside. To balance the naturally bitter taste of açaí, smoothie businesses and production companies will add various forms of sugars into their recipes, especially banana.

To further enhance the sweetness, these mixtures are sometimes blended with sweetened almond or soy milk and fruit juice, resulting in elevated sugar levels. Furthermore, when you add natural sugars from additional fruit toppings, the sugar content can reach concerning levels ranging from 21 to 80 grams, depending on the serving size. This can get even higher depending on the size of the bowl, and the amount of extra sugary toppings like additional banana, honey, peanut butter, or granola.

Consuming just one of these visually appealing masterpieces could mean ingesting up 18 teaspoons of sugar in one sitting alone reveals how commercially produced açaí bowls can become potential sugar traps – far removed their healthy reputation.

Should you Avoid Açaí Bowls Altogether?

Is it necessary to completely eliminate açaí bowls from your diet? Absolutely not! By preparing your own açaí bowls, or being mindful of the ingredients of bowls you purchase, you can regulate the amount of sugar and steer clear of excess sweeteners and extravagant toppings. 

Instead of consuming them as a regular breakfast or lunch option multiple times per week, consider treating yourself to an açaí bowl occasionally as a sweet indulgence. Making this small adjustment can be wise in terms of replacing desserts like frozen yogurt or ice cream with an occasional serving of an enticingly delicious açaí bowl.

If you are interested in consuming açaí regularly without all the sugar, try adding unsweetened açaí cubes or packets to your smoothies for a big dose of superfood nutrition.

Final Thoughts

The next time you find yourself tempted by those irresistibly delicious commercial açaí bowls, be mindful of sneaky sources of sugar. Pay attention to items such as honey-coated granola, shredded coconut, and other potentially sugar-laden components.