An image of a refrigerator, where you should store your celery juice.


How Long Does Celery Juice Last Before Going Bad?

Celery juice is a popular drink among health enthusiasts because it's believed to have many health benefits. Some of these include helping with weight loss, decreasing inflammation, and enhancing digestion. However, you need to know how long it'll stay fresh in your refrigerator to ensure you don't consume it past it's prime.

Storage Options For Celery Juice

How long your fresh celery juice will last depends on the storage method you use. Celery juice lasts well for the following periods of time, under different storage conditions:

  • Refrigerator: Celery juice can last up to 72 hours in the fridge if it's prepared and stored properly. Just remember to keep it in an airtight container.
    But here's a tip: put it in the fridge as soon as possible. The longer you leave it out at room temperature before refrigerating, the shorter that recommended 72-hour window becomes.
  • Freezer: You can freeze celery juice for up to 6 months. All you need to do is seal it in an airtight container and leave a bit of space on top for it to expand as it freezes. 
  • Room Temperature: When celery juice is kept at room temperature, the general rule is 24 hours at most. But, let's be real, “room temperature” can mean different things to different people. If you live in a warm or hot area, your celery juice might not last more than a few hours. And let's face it, even then, it might not be the most enjoyable or refreshing thing to drink.

Thawing Frozen Celery Juice

So, here's the deal with freezing and thawing celery juice. You can't be sure that the nutrients will stay intact once it's been frozen. But, if you do decide to freeze it, make sure to thaw it in the fridge and not on the countertop. It might take a few hours to fully defrost, but be patient, and you'll have fresh celery juice in no time.

The Shelf Life of Celery Juice 

Celery juice is not like other juices that can last forever in the fridge. It has a relatively short shelf life and turns pretty quickly. If you've had your celery juice in the fridge for more than three days, it's time to say goodbye and make a fresh batch. Even if it doesn't smell funky or gross, it's not going to give you the fresh nutrients you want and need. So, keep it fresh and drink up within 24-72 hours.


If you're into drinking celery juice, it's best to gulp it down right after juicing it. But if you can't drink it immediately, don't wait for more than a day before consuming it for optimal taste and nutrition. Celery juice blends have a similar shelf-life, with all the benefits of celery juice itself.

If you have to store it, put it in a mason jar or other airtight container, make sure it's sealed properly, keep it in the fridge, and you're good to go. If you keep it outside for too long, it will go bad, and trust me, you would rather not drink (or smell) spoiled celery juice.

This is a surefire way to get a sour stomach or even food poisoning.

As a final recommendation, always be sure to buy fresh and organic celery from the market for the highest quality fresh-pressed juice.