Image of chopped celery.


Does Celery Juice Break a Fast?

Although celery juice is known to be a low-calorie, or even "negative-calorie" food, one cup of celery juice contains 42 calories, which could break a fast.

More and more people are recognizing the health benefits of celery. Celery juice has been found to lower blood pressure, boost weight loss, flush out toxins and reduce inflammation.

If you do Intermittent Fasting, you may wonder whether a glass of celery juice will break your fast. This is a good question, as the goal of Intermittent Fasting is to keep calorie consumption during the fasting phase at zero. That means they should eat zero grams of proteins or carbohydrates since carbs and protein boost insulin release in the body, which prevents fat burning as it moves the body out of lipolysis. Celery juice, while very low calorie, does contain enough calories, carbs and protein to note in this context.

What is the Carbohydrate and Protein Content of Celery Juice?

According to the USDA’s FoodData Central, 100 grams of celery juice contains a total of 2.97g of carbs and 0.69g of protein. Now, that might seem insignificant, but it is enough to set off insulin release in the body.

When it comes to calories, Intermittent Fasting Protocols for weight loss recommend calorie consumption to be kept below 50.

How Many Calories are in Celery Juice? 

Celery juice is known to be a low-calorie drink. But is it low enough not to break a fast? The calorie count of 100g of celery juice is 18, making the calories in one cup of celery juice 42. That is close enough to the 50 calories allowed during the fasting window to be of note for those following Intermittent Fasting schedules.

The Bottom Line

The calorie, protein and carb content that celery juice contains is capable of breaking a fast. If you are serious about sticking to the Intermittent Fasting protocols, you’d leave drinking celery juice for the eating window of the fast. However, you know your own body best.