We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Goodnature Direct Financing program, which allows customers based in the US to pay over time for our most popular products.

For the M-1 product, we also offer Klarna financing at checkout. Learn more.

Payment Details

Product Down Payment Interest Term
Monthly Payment (depending on package)
M-1 Juice Press $2,000 9.9% 12 Months $300 – $450
X-1 Mini Juice Press $5,000 9.9% 12 Months $870 – $1,100
X-1 Juice Press $10,000 9.9% 12 Months $1,400 – $1,800

How it works

  1. Apply for our program to see if you qualify instantly. Approval is based on personal credit history and other factors. If purchasing for a business, use our commercial application. If purchasing for personal / home use, use our consumer application.
  2. If approved, you will receive a link to place your order with the required down payment.
  3. The Goodnature team will follow up with financing documents for signing and calculated monthly payment details. You can still make changes to order prior to signing the documents.
  4. When the product is ready to ship, we will begin billing you in equal monthly payments for the balance. Our standard direct financing carries 9.9% interest. Payments must be debited directly from a checking account via ACH.

MOre Information

  • The application is a simple web form. You will get a decision sent instantly to your email, except in the case that a manual review is needed in which we will make a decision within 1-2 business days in most cases.
  • If applying for a business, you must still personally guarantee the purchase, and your personal credit will be affected in case of default.
  • Applying for Goodnature Direct performs a credit inquiry and may temporarily affect your credit score.

Important – You must use the contact info that matches exactly what’s on your Experian credit report or we will not be able to approve the application. If your address or personal info is out of date, you will need to update it with Experian before applying.

Financing Documents

You can read a copy of the financing agreement by downloading it here: Goodnature Financing Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am based outside of the US, do you offer financing?
    No, unfortunately we can only offer financing to US customers.
  2. How can I pay for the down payment?
    The down payment may be paid by credit card, check, or bank transfer.
  3. Can I pay the monthly payments on a credit card?
    No, the monthly payments must be ACH debited directly from a checking account.
  4. What happens if I stop making payments?
    In the case of default, you will be required to send the machine back to Goodnature and may still be liable for debt, interest, and other fees.

Ready to get started?