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Meet Ari

Ari Sexner - Cold Pressed Juice Consultant

Ari Sexner is a classically trained chef who has worked at some of the finest dining restaurants in America, and eventually made his way into cold-pressed juice, developing the first USDA Certified Organic juice program on the Las Vegas strip for Bellagio Hotel.

After consulting for Goodnature clients in his free time for more than two years, we recruited him to work as our full-time consultant. He has a passion for guiding new cold-pressed juice companies through kitchen planning, operations, recipe creation, food costing, sourcing ingredients, NSF and HACCP training, SSOP programs, USDA Organic Certification, and more.

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Culinary Consulting

  • Recipe Development

    Professional assistance in developing multiple unique juice recipes, in commercial quantities appropriate for your business.

  • Nutritional Analyses

    Nutritional data provided for each recipe. Required by health department on bottle labels in the US.

  • Management Training

    Train your management team on producing juice from the recipes in a consistent manner. They will know the process from start to finish.

  • Menu Planning

    Strategic planning of menu. Can include juice, nut milks, snacks, coffee, and food.

  • Excel Recipe Training

    Training on how to use spreadsheets to create accurate recipes. A powerful tool as you expand your offerings and alter your menu in the future.

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Financial Consulting

  • Resource and Cost of Goods Analyses

    Know exactly how much each menu item cost you to make.

  • Recipe Yield Program

    Use real data to mathematically predict the amount of juice each recipe will produce.

  • Equipment List

    Complete list of all equipment and fixtures needed for your custom juice production plan.

  • Kitchen Layout Plan

    Complete kitchen layout customized for your business.

  • Labor Cost Analyses

    Figure out how much labor cost will be involved in producing each product.

  • Price Point Analyses

    Strategically price products based on cost of goods and labor costs.

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Sanitation Consulting

  • Custom HACCP Plan and Training

    Comprehensive HACCP plan customized for your kitchen and production, including log books. Include optional training for staff.

  • Custom SSOP's

    Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures customized for your business, as required by the health department.

  • Sanitation Lab Testing

    Cleaning methods tested and analyzed by a professional lab. Package price does not include lab fees.

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Other Consulting

  • USDA Certified Organic Consulting

    Trying to become USDA Certified Organic? It's a long hard process, and we've been through it before.

  • Hourly Consulting

    For anything that's not included in any of our packages, we can do consulting by the hour.

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