Charlie Wettlaufer

The Best Glass Juice Bottles

It's undeniable that drinking fresh cold-pressed juice from a glass bottle tastes better than from a plastic bottle. Why, exactly? It might be mostly a perceived quality difference more than anything else, but there are some actual real advantages to glass, mainly:

  1. Glass bottles are fully reusable, meaning they never even have to end up in a recycling bin or garbage can.
  2. Glass is insulating. A cold glass bottle of juice will stay cold longer than a plastic bottle. You can even chill the glass bottle before filling to help keep the juice temperature low, which will increase shelf life and color vibrancy.

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What to look for when shopping for a premium glass juice bottles:

  1. Wide mouth. You want your juice bottle easy to fill and most importantly, easy to clean.
  2. Heavy duty. Some glass bottles are made heavier than others. For that reason, the old school "milk bottle" style bottles are great because they were designed to be used many times by the milk customer.
  3. Affordable. Some companies get away with charging way too much for glass. Depending on the number of glass bottles you're buying, you can definitely get them at good prices.

The best glass juice bottles

I've used probably 25 different glass bottles, and the best bottles I've found for cold-pressed juice are the 16 oz. glass bottle available on the Goodnature Marketplace. Here's what makes them so great:

  1. Unique shape. These bottles are very similar to the classic glass milk bottle, except they have a nice ergonomic shape that makes them easier to hold. It's basically the best classic bottle made even better! These are by far my favorite designed bottle that I've found.
  2. Wide mouth. A 48mm opening at the top means they are easy to fill and clean.
  3. Affordable. Price range depends on quantity but they are the most affordable nice bottles I have found. They can be purchased in a 6 pack, 24 pack, or pallet quantity for businesses.
  4. Super durable. These bottles are super high quality, weighing almost 1 lb each! They will last for hundreds of uses if they are cared for. If running a business with a bottle return program, these will live up to the needs of returning, washing, and sanitizing many times.
  5. Reusable caps. The bottles come with caps that snap on and off really nicely and create a nice seal. The first time you use it, there is a tamper evident seal that must be peeled away. This is necessary if selling juice as a business, but if you're using the bottles at home you can re-use the caps without the seal.



May 10, 2024