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Charlie Wettlaufer

New Juicing Podcast - Cold Pressed Truth

Today I’m announcing my new podcast Cold Pressed Truth, a podcast where I interview juice entrepreneurs and other professionals in the industry. This is the first ever podcast for juicing professionals.

I hope to record one per month, but I really don’t know how many or how often I will be doing this. I do however, know that I have some super interesting people lined up for future interviews already.

In this first episode I spend over an hour talking juice business with Goodnature’s chef and juice consultant Ari Sexner. He’s also the author of the new book The Juicing Companion, an idea book to help you create unique recipes.

We dive into all types of cool stuff like recipe development, menu planning, dealing with sanitation and the health department, and more.

I’ll tell you something— there’s nothing worse than hearing yourself on a podcast for the first time! It’s pure torture. 😬

Here are the details…

Cold Pressed Truth #1 – Ari Sexner

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If you have questions for Ari or myself after listening, join in on the discussion over at the Goodnature Juicing Facebook Group.




Hi Charlie! Just finishing episode 2 on the new podcast. LOVE IT! I would love to hear you do an interview with different folks on conquering the struggle on "sugar" I know my thoughts which I think are true and valid but I would love to hear other discuss this! Thanks Heidi

Dec 30, 2018
Charlie Wettlaufer
Goodnature logo badge

Good idea, I need to find someone very knowledgeable on the subject.

Dec 31, 2018