Green cold pressed juice ingredients

Charlie Wettlaufer

Mixing Produce or Grinding Separately

Should I juice every ingredient separately?

This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Goodnature X-1 Cold-Press Juicer.


In general, it is best to combine ingredients prior to grinding. We have found that when there is a nice mix of soft and fibrous fruits and vegetables, one can achieve at least 5% greater yield out of the produce, compared to grinding each ingredient separately.

There are some things, in my opinion, that should always be mixed. I always mix my leafy greens with something soft like apples or cucumbers. I’ll throw in a couple bunches of kale, followed by a couple apples, and repeat. The grinding process is easier this way, and more juice is ultimately extracted from the kale.



It’s true, if you are mixing your recipes prior to grinding, they won’t be as consistent compared to juicing the ingredients separately. Produce can vary from day to day, and the amount of juice you get from 20 lbs of carrots today may not be the same as next week due to ripeness, variety, and seasonality. Whether or not you require ultra consistent juices is up to you, but my feeling is that raw juice should be expected to vary, as the produce does going into it.