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Charlie Wettlaufer

Juice Makers Association Now Open for Membership


Juice Makers Association Now Open for Membership!

Why the JMA Exists

Ever since cold-pressed juice became a real industry, it has faced challenges. And no, I’m not talking about the inherent challenges of running a raw juice business – high cost of goods, short shelf life, expensive labor costs, equipment costs, and overhead. I’m talking about the other stuff:

Stuff like the government treating juice like its toxic, and actually making it illegal to wholesale raw juice in the US. If you own a local juice bar and want to allow the cafe down the street to sell some of your juice, you can’t do it. At least not without risking being shut down or fined by the FDA.


Stuff like other industries hijacking words like “raw” and “cold-pressed” to use them for products that are neither raw nor cold-pressed, confusing consumers and diluting the value of real juice.

Stuff like large national juice brands hiding additives and processing steps to bring costs down – and not putting it on the label – making it impossible for the average consumer to understand why some juice is “so expensive” and other juice is cheap. Did you know a juice manufacturer can add a toxic chemical called dimethyldicarbonate (DMDC) to the juice to extend it’s shelf life and not put it on the label?

Stuff like needing to go through the intense and perplexing process of going through HACCP certification for in order to be able to sell bottled juice.

Forming a Unified Voice

Individually, it is hard to do anything about these issues. As a group, we can come together, pool our knowledge and resources, and affect change forever. This is why we formed the Juice Makers Association.

JMA is a non-profit association with the following mission:

  1. Support juice makers
  2. Empower consumers with truth
  3. Lobby for lasting change

At JuiceCon 2019, we officially launched the JMA with over sixty founding members. Today is a special day, as we are ready to open membership to all independent juice companies, and vendors who provide products and services to the juice industry. Go to JMA to learn more.