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Juice Bar Menu Ideas & 5 Tips for Creating Your Own

A well-crafted juice bar menu entices customers, boosts sales, and helps establish your brand's unique identity.

I get a ton of questions about juice menu creation, in fact it's always been one of the most common questions ever since I started working at Goodnature many years ago.

A great menu can give your customers a lasting first impression and leave them coming back to try more. But if you make certain (common) mistakes when crafting your menu, you'll decimate your profit and cause confusion on behalf of your customers.

My goal with this short guide is to help you avoid those mistakes and create a menu that delights your customers.

Ready to build a captivating menu that unleashes the potential of your juice business?

Let's get started with my top 5 tips, then I'll share a few example menus to help inspire you.

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5 Pro Tips for Juice Bar Menu Creation

5 Tips for Creating Your Juice Bar Menu

These tips are based on my lifetime of experience working with both new and established juice businesses.

1. Keep it simple

Creating an overly complex menu with tons of options is one of the most common and costly mistakes you can make when getting started.

Keep your menu small at the beginning instead. Experiment with a handful of juice recipes and see what works. Be willing to make adjustments based on what's selling, what's not selling, and what your customers are saying.

It might seem nice to offer your customers many options and unlimited customizations, but the other side of that is the large amount of inventory you will have to manage. Your shopping list will balloon as a big menu forces you to keep a lot of different produce on hand. That can really backfire if you sell more or less of certain recipes than expected, since you'll be stuck with a bunch of rotting fruit and vegetables.

This leads nicely into my next tip...

2. Use overlapping ingredients in your recipes

To reduce how many different types of produce you have to keep on hand, it's a great idea to offer recipes that share some ingredients.

For example, suppose you have a single recipe on your menu that includes pear, while also having two recipes that include apple. You could swap in apple for pear in that single recipe. With that simple change, you no longer have to source and store pears. And since apples and pears have a similar flavor profile, you probably won't even notice much of a difference in the final product.

If you make enough changes like that, you'll reduce your shopping list and storage burden while simultaneously increasing your profit margin.

Next time you're in your favorite cold-pressed juice bar, take a look at the recipes and see how many share the same ingredients. I bet it's a lot!


3. Study the local market

When it comes to your juice business, you need to offer options that are appropriate for your area if you want to succeed.

Here's something our team has found that tends to reign true:

If you live in a health-conscious area, you can keep your juice recipes on the not-so-sweet end of the spectrum. Juices without much pineapple, orange, and other sweet items are the way to go. You should still have one or two recipes that are sweet for the newcomers to juicing, but in general you can be more on the "green" side and less on the sweet side.

If juicing is new to your area, have more sweet juice options. When someone tries cold-pressed juice for the first time, they tend to enjoy the sweeter recipes, then slowly begin to enjoy the more hardcore stuff over time (try to think back about your juice journey). You should still include some healthy green juice options, just less of them. Most importantly, you want your customers to enjoy the first sip of cold pressed juice they ever take, or they may decide it's not for them and never come back.

Look into how many juice businesses are in your area, scope out their menus, and even read their reviews to see what recipes are resonating with customers. Then, build your own menu that will fit the market you've researched.

(Note: Want to join an active community of juice business owners and juicing enthusiasts? Join the Goodnature Juicing Facebook group here!)

4. Don't price everything the same.

For the sake of simplicity, it might be tempting to come up with a static price for all juices. But that just doesn't make sense in practice.

Premium juices should be higher priced. If I walk into a juice bar and I see a hardcore green juice for $10, and then I see a lemonade (made of mostly water) or pure apple juice that is also $10 my alarm bells go off. I think "this business is just charging high prices for everything".

Build your prices based on your food costs. You can have a target price range, but the less expensive recipes to make like pure carrot juice should be priced lower than the more expensive recipes like almond milk.

If you price your offerings in a more logical way, it actually builds trust with your customers. Plus, you can leverage your lower-priced items in your marketing -- e.g. you can say "juices, smoothies, and beverages as low as $6" if you offer that simple lemonade for $6. Looking for more information on how much to charge for juice? Check out the Goodnature Radio podcast episode below.

5. Be inspired but don't blatantly copy

I don't know what it is about the juice industry (maybe it's every industry), but so many people copy each other when starting their business. They look at their favorite juice bar brand, and literally just take the recipes, even including the names!

It's ok to take inspiration from your favorite brand and create something similar, but put your own twist on it. Think about why a specific recipe works for your menu and your market. Don't just say "well they do it, so I'm going to do it too". Coming up with unique recipes and names should be fun. Give it a shot and make them your own, even if they're similar to others.

Looking for inspiration? We have over 100 unique chef created juice recipes right here on our website that are free, and 100% approved to use in your business.


Juice Bar Menu Ideas: 2 Examples to Help Inspire You

Our team created an example menu specifically for this guide, and I also gathered 4 menus from real juice businesses that use Goodnature Commercial Juicers. Take a look:

1. Example Juice Bar Menu by Goodnature

We created this menu using only chef-made recipes that have been published here on Goodnature.com, which are free for anyone to browse and use.


Having a nice mix of juices, juice shots, smoothies, and even nut milks is a great way to offer your customers variety without needing to source and store too much produce on-hand.

2. Fresco Juice Co.

Fresco Juice Co. is based in Billings, Montana, and offers cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, and housemade cashew milks. Check out their concise and effective menu that has something for everyone.


Ready to Unleash the Potential of Your Juice Business?

You've now got the tips and examples you need to create your own sale-driving, customer-pleasing juice menu.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below or join the Goodnature Juice Facebook group and ask there!

And don't forget to download the How to Write a Juice Business Plan guide for free!




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