HACCP and SSOP Example for Cold Pressed Juice

Eric Toussaint

HACCP and SSOP Example for Cold Pressed Juice

Guest post by Eric Toussant, President of GlobalCert Food Safety, LLC

For HACCP consulting services, contact Ari Sexner, juice business consultant.

Download the example HACCP plan: New Juice Co HACCP Plan.zip

Download the example SSOP program: New Juice Co. Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures


HACCP Program Description:

HACCP – Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points. HACCP is a scientific, systematic approach to food safety. We combine scientific data and a management system to conduct a risk assessment of our ingredients and processes.

Senior management must ensure the following five Preliminary Tasks have been completed prior to completing the 7 principles to HACCP:

  1. Assemble the HACCP team
  2. Description of the product and it’s method of distribution
  3. Identification of the the consumer and it’s intended use
  4. Construction of the process flow diagram
  5. Verification of the flow diagrams

Once the above have been achieved, the team can move forward to completing the 7 Principles of HACCP.

  1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis
  2.  Determine Critical Control Points
  3. Determine Critical Limits
  4. Develop Monitoring Procedures
  5. Develop Corrective Action Procedures
  6. Establish Verification Procedures
  7. Establish Record Keeping and Documentation Procedures


SSOP – Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures. There are 8 requirements under the FDA for Juice companies.

  1. Safety of water
  2. Cleanliness of food contact surfaces
  3. Prevention of cross contamination
  4. Maintenance of hand washing and toilet facilities
  5. Protection of food from contamination
  6. Proper labeling and storage
  7. Control of employee health conditions
  8. Exclusion of pests from facility

Along with these 8 requirements the company must also explain how they monitor each of the requirements as well as which records they will keep as supporting documentation.