watch the Goodnature X1 produce 24 Gallons Cucumber Juice in 36 Minutes
January 16, 2015

Charlie Wettlaufer

24 Gallons of Juice in 36 Minutes (video)

People often ask about the validity of the “up to 20 gallons per hour” claim of the Goodnature X-1 cold press juicer, so we decided to test it ourselves in our demonstration kitchen.

In preparation, we purchased enough cucumbers to make a bit more than 20 gallons of juice (about 240 lbs), and to our surprise we processed all of it in 36 minutes, yielding approx. 24 gallons of cold pressed juice!

If we break down the experiment and do the math, it turns out the X1 is capable of 40 gallons per hour, twice the amount of the advertised rating. It’s refreshing to a product out-perform what is advertised.

Watch the video:

Top 5 tips for fast juicing:

1) Do all the food prep prior juicing.

Since we used cucumbers, we only had to remove the stickers and wash the produce. Other produce may require more preparation. Read more on preparing produce for cold pressed juice here.

2) Have plenty of supplies available.

This includes juice containers and bags. In this video, we do not clean the bag between each batch, we simply swap the bag out for a clean one. While the next batch is going, the previous bag is being cleaned by a separate employee.

3) Only clean the press between recipes, not between each batch of juice.

That being said, make sure not to let bacteria build up on the machine. Most health departments in the US require a full cleaning every 4 hours, but since these regulations vary by region, make sure to check with your local health department.

4) Only press each batch once.

Although you can get an extra 5-10% more juice per batch by pressing 2-3 times, if you are going for maximum hourly output, only press once to save time.

5) Streamline the workflow.

Plan out ahead of time what the most efficient way to position the equipment in your kitchen. Depending on how much control you have, this includes the sinks, refrigerators, storage, counters, etc.

6) Use the medium or wide weave bag is possible.

The tight weave bag is slower to drain. For this video, we used the grinder with a 1/4 inch blade, and used the medium weave bag.