Goodnature and Pomeroy Merger

Charlie Wettlaufer

Goodnature and Pomeroy Merger Announcement

Some insight into our companies

Historically, Goodnature Products, Inc., founded by Dale Wettlaufer, had been known for engineering, designing, and manufacturing large cold-pressed juice equipment for national and global size companies since the 1970’s. When cold-pressed green juice and juice cleanses started to gain a lot of traction in 2011 and 2012 we began receiving an increasing quantity of inquiries related to small and start-up juice companies. They needed information, education, kitchen layouts, juice equipment, customer service, and everything else you might ask for when entering a new market for the first time. Since we lacked some of these resources at Goodnature, we decided to start a new sister company dedicated solely to that market. At the end of 2013, the Wettlaufers, spearheaded by Charlie Pomeroy Wettlaufer  as CEO, started Pomeroy Equipment Co. near his home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Over the last 3 years, the cold-pressed juice industry has continued to expand and Pomeroy has become a very valuable resource with its commercial juicing blog, online store, demonstration kitchen, and consulting services. Pomeroy took off running and ended up exporting equipment to over 60 countries, opening an office in Australia, and helping over 1,000 juice companies get started or grow – in just over two years. It was amazing! The success was much greater than any of us expected, and it made us realize that this new market is ultimately the lifeblood of Goodnature. We shouldn’t make our customers go back and forth between two companies when we can offer everything as one. This led us to the natural decision to bring Pomeroy back under the Goodnature brand.

What changes our customers can expect to see

  1. The new website went Live April 5, 2016 with the added blog (you’re here now), online store, and consulting services page.
  2. The Las Vegas and Australian offices of Pomeroy are being rebranded as Goodnature.
  3. We will soon be selling spare parts for our entire range of juice presses on the website, instead of just for the smaller models.
  4. Blog articles will cover a wider range of articles, some targeted towards larger juice businesses and more advanced juicing techniques.
  5. Starting late 2016, customer service will be more synchronized between our offices, offering an online support portal and nearly 24 hour phone support, routing calls dynamically between all three of the times zones we operate in.
  6. You can now find Goodnature on Instagram and twitter – @GoodnaturePro.
  7. In general, a more cohesive customer experience since all offices are now operating as one company.

Please comment below if any questions! – Charlie



Juice bunny

I love it! My two favorite companies merging as one. 😉

Apr 8, 2016
Charlie Wettlaufer
Goodnature logo badge

What could be better than that?

Apr 8, 2016