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Juice Bar Marketplace Launch

Today I'm very proud to announce that we have finally launched the Goodnature Juice Bar Marketplace! I've spent the past year with my team building out the website, onboarding vendors, and sourcing the absolute best products for our loyal Goodnature Family.

The marketplace is a combination of items we stock in house, and items sold direct to you by third party merchants.

Why we launched the marketplace

A majority of our customers are mom-and-pop shop businesses. One of the major struggles of running a small business is the pain and complexity of sourcing high quality supplies. Finding an honestly high quality brand of each item can be a struggle. Then once you decide on a brand, you have to purchase it, which comes with it's own challenges. Most small businesses are not set up to deal with distributors, price lists, negotiations, and purchase orders.

So, we took it upon ourselves to do the hard work for you and source the absolutely best brands of ingredients and supplies that the best juice bars in the US use.

Types of wholesale products

We are featuring both "bulk" packaging and "case" packaging products.

  • Bulk packaging - meant to be used back-of-house or behind the counter in your juice bar, as ingredients in your smoothies, juices, bowls, or other products.
  • Case packaging - retail products that can be sold to your juice bar customers. Stock up on packages of coffee, nut butters, superfood mixes, adaptogen products, and more, all at wholesale prices leaving you a nice margin for resale.

An overview of our initial brands

We will be adding more brands every month as we move forward, but here are the select group we partered with for the marketplace at launch:

  1. Virtue Foods
    The founder, Tom and I have been friends for a long time, ever since he opened the fist made-to-order cold pressed juice bar, Virtue, in Vacaville, CA. Over the past few years, he and his team have worked hard at launching their own minimally-processed products like coffee, nut butters, and granola, since he found it hard to source these items for themselves that meet their quality standards.
  2. Pitaya Foods
    Frozen Acai and other bowl and smoothie basis can often times be one of the top three expenses in a juice bar. For this reason, I extensively researched all of the top Acai brands, and determined that Pitaya has the best product, and they back it up with superior service and support. Beyond Acai, they have absolutely incredible products like dragonfruit, coconut, and passionfruit.
  3. Tenzo
    Matcha tea powder is another item that some juice bars and wellness cafes spend a ton of money on. It's an expensive ingredient, and is a key part of some menus for superfoods lattes, baked goods, and ceremonial matcha tea. I samples more than 10 brands of Matcha for the marketplace, and determined Tenzo is the best. The founders have done the hard work of traveling to Japan and meeting with tea growers, sourcing the best Matcha. We are proud to stock both organic ceremonial matcha, and premium culinary matcha products.
  4. JOI Plant Based Milk Bases
    I've known the founder of JOI ever since he ran Jugofresh juice bar in Miami (an iconic Goodnature customer). Juice Bar customers demand all sorts of plant based milks these days, and trying to provide everything they demand often time leads you down a path of using questionable carton-based products. JOI is the solution to offering premium plant based milks for your customers, without the need to do all of the hard labor making it from scratch. JOI's products feature only one ingredients - just nuts, or just oats. Mix it with a bit of water, and you have yourself some really great plant based milk. Available in both Organic and Conventional. Their new oat milk powder is really special, give it a try!
  5. SPJ Wildcrafted Adaptogens
    Wildrcrafted is a line of adaptogen products, founded by Olivia Esquivel, founder of Southern Pressed Juicery (yes, another Goodnature customer!), and one of our expert juice bar consultants at Goodnature. Wildcrafted products are premium mushroom extracts that can be used in smoothies and other beverages, or can be sold in your juice bar as a retail product.
    Nutsola is a father-and-son business based out of New Jersey. Nutsola products are really special, featuring date sweetened chocolate (that's right - no added sugar, stevia, or other sweeteners), and superfood nut mixes that can be made into energy bars or energy balls and sold to your customers. We also feature case quantities of their retail products, so they can be resold in your cafe at a nice margin.
  7. Captiva Bottles
    Captiva is the original Marketplace product on Goodnature. We've partnered with them since 2018 to bring you highest quality PET plastic, BPA free juice bottles available. Captiva is a family business based in Miami, and they are the premiere supplier of juice bottles to almost every major juice bar in the US. Offering round, square, small, large bottles with a variety of cap colors. The best PET bottles you can buy, and amazing customer service.
  8. Royal Spirulina
    I spent a lot of time "in the weeds" during my spirulina research. I ordered every brand I could find, ran polls to find out what people are buying, and sampled every single one. Royal Spirulina is, by far, the best I have found. Better color, better taste, and more nutrients than any other one I have sampled. The key to the quality is their special process that keeps the cell wall in-tact while processing the algae. Anyone using another brand should try Royal and I am fairly certain you will make the switch for good.

Shipping costs and minimum orders

Each third party merchant can set their own minimum order and shipping policy. You will find that most items in the marketplace feature free shipping or a low cost flat rate per order. If you attempt to checkout with items in your cart that don't meet the brand's order minimum you will receive an error.

Hidden wholesale pricing

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Paola Bateman
May 15, 2024