October 11, 2018

Charlie Wettlaufer

Cold-Pressed Juice Industry to Exceed $8.1B by 2024

On October 9th, Yahoo Finance stated the cold-pressed market will top $8.1 Billion by 2024 and released a video of a compelling interview with Hayden Slater, CEO of Pressed Juicery, where he explains what the most important driving factors are in the juice industry.

In the interview, Slater touches on price point, their juice membership plan, and other products like their signature “freeze” juice soft serve. Focused on getting the price under $5.00, Pressed Juicery is aiming to make their way into lower income neighborhoods, even selling their wholesale brand in 7-11.

There’s been more negative headlines than positive lately about the juice industry, and it’s easy to read them and get a serious case of FUD, but the truth is more people are making juice a part of their daily diet than ever before. As a society, we are becoming increasingly aware of the role nutrition plays in our health, and as long as that continues, the juicing industry will continue to thrive.

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