Selling Juice Through Multiple Distribution Channels – Shizu Okusa at JuiceCon (video)

  • by Charlie Wettlaufer

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Shizu came from venture capital and began focusing on health and wellness, starting JRINK juicery and later Apothekary. Her companies sell through multiple distribution channels including retail, ecommerce, and wholesale.

At JuiceCon 2018 she walked us through how she manages her omni-channel businesses.

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President and CMO - Goodnature
Co-founder - JuiceCon
Co-founder - Juice Makers Association

I’ve been around juicing all my life. My Dad built his first hydraulic juice press in 1976 and founded the company Goodnature Products, Inc. I have incredible memories of having “cider parties” when we would invite all the people in our rural neighborhood over to make apple juice. To this day, when I taste apple juice made on a Goodnature press, a rush of nostalgia runs through my body.

I pride myself on guiding our clients into the world of cold-pressed juice and showing them how much fun this industry can be. I love talking business, technology, and marketing.

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  1. Good Afternoon I’m interested in the cold press juicing business. What is the process?


    1. Hi Edred, the process is fairly simple, but there is a lot to learn about the business. Too much so to put in one comment here. I recommend you read through our blog and let us know if you have any specific questions!


  2. I am interested in starting a new organic juice business. I would like to know the best way to acquire bottles a5 the best price and also a bottling company.


    1. Hi Jean,

      The Goodnature Community forums online is a great place to start your research and see what bottle suppliers other juice company owners are recommending, you can view here: Goodnature Community Also, you may want to consider joining the Juice Makers Association, they have negotiated discounts with a bottle supplier and other vendors. You can inquire about membership here: