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Blade and Bag Recommendations for the X-1 and EG-260


Blade and Bag Recommendations for the X-1 and EG-260

Which bag, blade, and grinder settings should you use?

This is a very basic settings guide for the X-1 and EG-260.

If you are mixing ingredients, usually the best combination is the 1/4″ blade at a speed of 40 Hz, and the medium weave press bag. We recommend mixing ingredients, since it makes the grinding process easier and you can achieve a better yield.

General rules of thumb are:

  • For firmer fruits and vegetables a smaller holed grinder disc  is recommended.
  • For softer fruits and vegetables a larger holed grinder disc is recommended.
  • The size of the disc can be found stamped along the outer edge.
  • For fine grind use 3/16″ or 3/31″” tooth grinder blade, medium grind – 1/4″, coarse  grind- 1/2″ or 5/16″
  • Speed also effects the grind. Use a faster speed on the grinder for a finer grind.
  • Trial and error is a good approach simply for learning what works best for your business and specific recipes.

For the full color printable bag and blade recommendation guide, download it here.


If you are juicing ingredients separately, this is what we recommend:

  • Apple – Med bag / coarse grind
  • Beet – Tight bag / fine grind
  • Carrot – Tight bag / fine grind
  • Celery – Med bag / medium grind
  • Leafy Greens  (kale, spinach, etc.)- Med bag / medium grind
  • Cucumber – Med bag / medium grind
  • Ginger – Tight bag / fine grind
  • Grape – Tight bag / mix with other ingredients, or do not grind
  • Pear – Tight bag / coarse grind
  • Pineapple – Med bag / coarse grind – do not remove the rind
  • Pomegranate – Med bag / do not grind
  • Romaine Lettuce – Med bag / medium grind
  • Wheat Grass and Herbs– Med bag / grind with other produce or using separate food processor
  • Almonds and other nuts – Wide bag / soak in water and grind using a blender or food processor (don’t use the EG-260)
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  2. What bag do you recommend for pressing citrus? It says on the website that the medium weave bag is not recommended for citrus but it doesn’t say what bag is recommended for citrus. I slice the citrus in half and press it without grinding.


    1. We recommend the tight weave bag.


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