Juice Business Design Layouts

Complete Guides for Setting Up Your Juice Business

Each juice business guide includes a design layout infographic and an equipment list, everything you need to get started on designing and laying out your juice business. Get all three guides for free:

Home Juice Business

Set up your home kitchen to produce more than 100 bottles of cold-pressed juice and nut milk per day.

Juice and Smoothie Bar

Plan the layout for a juice bar that can produce up to 500 servings of made-to-order cold-pressed juice, smoothies and nut milk per day.

Commercial Juicing Kitchen

Design a commercial juicing kitchen that can produce 200 – 1,000 bottles of cold-pressed juice per day.

These free PDFs include:

  1. Visual illustrations detailing out the design of specific juice operations.
  2. Detailed equipment lists including commercial juicers, blenders, storage, refrigeration, and more.
  3. Diagrams illustrating the proper setup and workflow for successful and efficient juice production.