Refreshing Lemonade Juice Recipe

Cold pressed lemonade juice recipe

Refreshing Lemonade Juice Recipe

The warm months are finally here – that means we get to enjoy time outside with friends and family. What’s better than enjoying a cold beverage after spending all day in the sun? A healthy and delicious beverage, of course! Today, we’re sharing our simple but ‘oh so good!’ homemade lemonade recipe. 

This fresh lemonade juice recipe can be added to any juice bar menu, or it can be used at home. Ditch the sugar-packed processed juice and switch to this all-natural healthy alternative made from fresh lemons, apples, and ginger. As always, this juice can be dressed up with vodka and gin (depending on your preference), or you can throw in a few strawberries for some added color and sweetness and make strawberry lemonade.

The great part about making your own juice is that you can experiment all you want! 

Health Benefits of Lemonade: 

Lemonade Juicing Recipe

Yield: 2 servings, about 24 ounces. Yield varies depending on the produce.


2.15 lb red apple
5.58 oz lemon
0.24  oz ginger


  1. Weigh produce and wash thoroughly using produce or antimicrobial wash 
  2. Cut the lemon in quarters and place directly into the press (if using a home juicer, peel, and juice with other ingredients) 
  3. Juice all ingredients together
  4. Chill 
  5. Enjoy or bottle and sell! 

For more tips on how to prepare produce for juicing, view our article here. 

This easy recipe is quick to make with a short prep time! Feel free to experiment on your own with adding in new ingredients like green apples, limes (to make limeade), and more – the possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for a sweeter version of this recipe, you can always throw in your favorite sweetener or add some sweet fruit like pineapple.

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