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two glasses of rosemary citrus lemonade on a table

Rosemary Citrus Lemonade

Citrus is paired with rosemary and local honey for an immune boosting juice that tastes a little bit like a tropical lemonade.


pineapple 10.7 oz 1/5 pineapple
orange 8.4 oz 1 3/4 medium oranges
lemon 0.8 oz 1/4 medium lemon
fresh rosemary sprigs 0.4 oz 9 rosemary sprigs
local raw honey 0.7 oz 1 1/2 tablespoons (20 grams)


1:Wash produce thoroughly.
2:Remove the green crown from the pineapple and peel the orange.
3:Weigh the ingredients.
4:Pick the rosemary leaves from the stems.
5:Quarter the lemon (leaving skin on) and place directly into the press. If you don’t have a juice press, peel the lemon and juice with the rest of the ingredients.
6:If you have a juice press, grind the remaining ingredients together and press.
7:Add the honey to a bowl and slowly whisk in the juice until dissolved.

Pro Tips

  • Mix with iced tea for the best Arnold Palmer you’ve ever tasted!

  • Garnish with an orange slice, a lemon slice and/or a sprig of rosemary to take your presentation up a notch.

  • Remove the green crown, but leave the skin on the pineapple if you’re using a Goodnature juice press. It contains a high concentration of valuable nutrients.

  • Love carbonated drinks? Add sparkling water for a bit of fizzy goodness.

  • Want to make enough for the whole week? Fill a few mason jars and refrigerate. Shelf life will vary based on your juicer. See this article for help with determining how long your juice will last: https://www.goodnature.com/blog/understanding-shelf-life-of-cold-pressed-juice/