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two glasses of cold pressed watermelon juice with green apple, lime, beet and chilies on a wooden cutting board

Watermelon Beet Apple Juice

Reminiscent of Mexico's popular agua frescas or "fresh water" drinks, this spicy watermelon juice recipe is all the good without the added sugar.


watermelon 14.4 oz 3 cups cubed
green apple 1.17 oz 1/5 medium apple
beet (red variety) 0.36 oz 1/10 beet
lime 0.23 oz 1/5 lime
fresh mint 0.11 oz 3-4 mint leaves
chili pepper (optional) 0.09 oz serrano variety


1:Wash the produce.
2:Remove the watermelon rind (optional, see pro tips below), weigh, cube, then place directly into the juice press chamber.
3:Weigh the rest of the ingredients.
4:Grind the rest of the ingredients and press.

Pro Tips

  • You can actually leave the watermelon rind on if you prefer (there are nutrients in the skin) but the juice will look less vibrant and will mellow the flavor a bit. If it is not that sweet, I would definitely peel.

  • Remove the beet top ends and clean the bottoms thoroughly. If they are small in size, I remove the bottom skinny part as well.

  • If the mint stems are green and soft you can juice those as well.