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red apple 17.4 oz 493 g 2 1/2 medium apples
orange (peeled) 0.65 oz 18 g 1/5 medium orange
lemon 0.52 oz 15 g 1/5 medium lemon
ginger 0.52 oz 15 g 1 1/2 inch ginger root
cinnamon (ground) 0.09 oz 3 g 1 large pinch cinnamon
nutmeg (ground) 0.02 oz 0.6 g 1 small pinch nutmeg
clove (ground) 0.02 oz 0.6 g 1 small pinch clove


1.Wash the produce.
2.Peel the orange and weigh the ingredients.
3.Quarter the lemon (leaving skin on) and place directly into the press. If you don’t have a juice press, peel the lemon and juice with the rest of the ingredients.
4.Grind remaining produce together and press.
5.Whisk in the spices.

Pro Tips

  • Clove can be overpowering, so start with the tiniest pinch of clove when making this recipe and add more at the finish if needed.

  • If you prefer hot apple cider, heat on a stove top and throw in some cinnamon sticks. This will also make your entire house smell amazing!

  • Try adding your favorite sweetener, like honey or maple syrup.

  • Peel the oranges, and then grind & press due to the bitter flavor in the peel.