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carrot 13.2 oz 374 g 6 1/2 medium carrots
red apple 3.85 oz 109 g 1/2 medium apple
green apple 3.85 oz 109 g 1/2 medium apple
lemon 0.35 oz 10 g 1/5 medium lemon
ginger 0.35 oz 10 g 1 1/3 inch ginger


1.Wash and weigh the ingredients.
2.Remove the top ends of the carrots.
3.Peel the lemons or see tips below.
4.Run the ingredients through your juicer.

Pro Tips

  • I like to remove the top ends of the carrots due to the fact that it’s tough to remove all the dirt.

  • Peel the lemon if you prefer a lighter flavor. For stronger flavored or full bodied juices, grind these with the peel on. I like to “skip peel” them, which is basically just roughly cutting off the peel, leaving some behind. This speeds up prep, and the little bit of peel adds a zest!