Gold Wildcraft Sea Moss (Jamaica)


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Gold Wildcraft Sea Moss (Jamaica)

We harvest this gold sea moss straight from the wild ocean floors of Jamaica, where it grows naturally. It is then dried by the sun before it is safely packaged. Our wild-harvested gold sea moss is rich in several essential vitamins and minerals including Anthocyanins, a type of antioxidants found in red, blue, and purple plants that may help prevent chronic diseases and inflammation. 

It only takes less than one ounce of dry sea moss to make a full 12 ounce jar of sea moss gel. Hundreds of juice bars and wellness cafes are selling homemade sea moss gel, increasing profit for their business and improving the health of their customers.

Gold sea moss is a is a variety of the sea moss species Chondrus crispus, commonly known as "Irish Moss" or red seaweed. Sea moss is an edible plant similar to seaweed and comes in various colors including shades of green, gold, purple and red. 

Jamaican gold sea moss grows wild in the ocean so it may contain a few rocks and debris with a few strands of green weeds attached. Please wash thoroughly before use.

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