Plug and Play Pasteurizer


High Temperature Short Time pasteurization works to kill harmful pathogens and bacteria by heating the product up for a short amount of time, then immediately cooling it back down again. The Plug and Play Pasteurizer is an affordable HTST flash pasteurization system designed for small and medium sized processors. Great for juice and general pasteurization needs.

THE Plug & Play

Incorporating many aspects of the U.S. Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, HTST is an economical and reliable method to destroy bacteria and extend the shelf life of juices, soft drinks, and other consumable products. Products retain their original quality and flavor.


  • Destroys bacteria
  • Heat is conserved thus lowering operating costs
  • Preserves product quality and flavor
  • Extends product shelf life


  • Small cider breweries
  • Beverage production plants
  • Small-scale fruit, vegetable, and herbal operations


Innovation and Usability

The XT Pasteurizer uses the high temperature short residence time (HTST) principle. This pasteurizer can also be configured for Hot-Fill applications. Eighty percent or more of the heat is recovered in regeneration, making it a very energy efficient HTST pasteurizer unit. Designed to process beer, concentrates, juices containing pulp, and purees. Innovative juice pasteurization equipment that's built to last and meet your requirements.


The XT Series Pasteurizer is an all stainless steel system available with PLC/Touch screen control for ease of operation. It can be custom designed to meet any specific process requirements. It is available with either plate or tubular heat exchangers.


  • No operator attention required
  • Continuous flow design
  • Built-in safety features
  • Conserves heat to lower operating costs
  • Clean In Place (CIP) design
  • Retains product flavor and quality


  • Juice cleanse and smoothie businesses
  • Microbreweries
  • Cider plants
  • Fruit, vegetable, and herbal operations