What Our Clients Are Saying

Evans Brewing Co.

We are really happy with our Goodnature Craft Beer Pasteurizer! Our beer comes out tasting better after pasteurization (including the IPA’s). It seems to really bring out the flavor profiles after its been run through the Goodnature Pasteurizer. Thank you for all the help, cheers!

Brewmaster Daniel Brunner, Evans Brewing Co. – Irvine, California

Riveridge Cider Co.

Riveridge Cider Co. has been using the Goodnature Pasteurizer for about 7 months now and we are thrilled with its performance. We pasteurize sweet apple cider and the flavor of our juice is excellent! It’s easy to operate, is of stable construction, and was a good overall value for our company. It is really incredible how clean ours has stayed with the massive amount of production we had last season, running 7 days/week for 3 months straight. David, Pete and Larry were easy to work with, responsive to our questions, and the on-site training was outstanding! We highly recommend Goodnature to everyone! They exceeded our expectations!

Eric Rockafellow, Operations Manager, Riveridge Cider Co. – Sparta, MIchigan

Kauffman's Fruit Farm

Kauffman’s Fruit Farm is a 5 generation business established in 1915 in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. We produce and sell products for our year-around retail store, for wholesale customers in surrounding counties and states, and for buyers nationwide through our online store. Our “flagship” product is our homemade, fresh, sweet apple cider, thanks largely to the amazing equipment from Goodnature. We have operated 2 Goodnature presses and a Goodnature pasteurizer for years and couldn’t be more happy with the dependability of the equipment and the quality of the finished product. Furthermore, Goodnature’s customer support is phenomenal, and we look forward to doing business with them for years to come!

Tony Kauffman, Kauffman’s Fruit Farm – Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania

Central Waters Brewing Co.

The Goodnature Pasteurizer has been amazing! It has helped us ensure the integrity of our product, and ensure that our customers are getting the beer as we intend it. From ease of use, to service, to the product itself, our experience has been tremendous!

Everett Beck, QA/QC Manager, Central Waters Brewing Co. – Amherst, Wisconsin

PL Developments

PL Developments has been using the Goodnature Pasteurizer to heat treat a pediatric beverage product for 8 years. In that time, we have had minimal down time. We have passed food safety audits with the controls on the pasteurizer. The equipment has been durable, despite the fact that our product is rough on stainless steel. Goodnature has been responsive to technical questions and generous with advice. If we needed to add another food line to the plant, I would, without hesitation, opt for the use of a second Goodnature Pasteurizer.

Adrian Colesberry, PL Developments – Lynwood, California