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At Zen Tea Traders our mission is to provide you with an artisan tea experience that captures all the senses.

Kung Fu Berry Rooibos Blend

This unique artisan blend is a fusion of organic rooibos with other organic ingredients that give way to a tart, berry, fruit-punchy flavor.

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Koei Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Your customers will definitely taste the difference! Our matcha is of superior quality, grown with love in Japan.

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Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea

Level up your green tea game! Japanese Sencha green tea meets toasted brown rice in this terrific combination!

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Artisan Tea Made with Love

It all started when Anthony's grandmother introduced him to tea while he was growing up in the Midwest. Since then, Anthony has made it his mission to bring awareness to quality tea in order to help people experience the many benefits premium tea has to offer. He has taken many courses on tea, traveled internationally to several tea gardens, and even judged tea competitions.

Anthony started Zen Tea Traders to provide quality full leaf teas direct from family owned farms and to show others how to use tea as a way to "ground" themselves, supporting a state of zen.

"Meeting the families from tea producing countries and seeing the hard work that goes into this fine art, makes me appreciate tea even more." - Anthony Capobianco, Founder

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