Miami Fruit

Welcome to Miami Fruit! We make tropical fruits accessible to people all over America. Each order is picked by hand, then shipped so you get the ripest, highest quality fruit. Our specialty is extremely rare and unique fruits.

Yellow Dragonfruit (Pitaya)

Yellow Dragon Fruit is a rare cactus fruit with a unique sweet flavor, perfect for topping bowls and smoothies.

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Key Lime

Our key limes make the most amazing tasting juice! Great for that acidic element in your juices to balance the pH and flavor.

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Pineapple Box

Yellow, fragrant and ripe, our pineapples are very juicy, great for juicing!

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The Freshest Fruit

Miami Fruit is a small business located on a 7.5 acre farm in South Florida that is dedicated to providing high quality tropical fruit using sustainable farming practices. We have the freshest and fastest delivery time (from harvest of the fruit to delivery) of any online fruit store. Ripe, fresh fruit is picked per order, ensuring the highest quality is delivered to your door.

Elevate Your Products with Miami Fruit

Start incorporating fresh, unique fruit into your recipes today!