The Goodnature Maximizer

Do you want maximum yield, maximum clarity, and maximum economy? Then you need the Maximizer. As the largest hydraulic cold pressed juice press available, the Maximizer is the industry leader and go-to choice for high-production, premium cold-pressed juice companies such as Odwalla, Naked, and Evolution Fresh. Companies focused on premium cider such as Martinelli’s and Beak and Skiff also choose the Goodnature Maximizer for their juice extraction.

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Produce1,500 GallonsPer Hour

More than8,000 Bottlesper hour

Goodnature Mazimizer

Product Features


After the press is finished extracting the maximum amount of cold pressed juice, the layers rotate upside down and shake out the dry cake. A conveyer belt removes the cake from the press.


The Maximizer is used by the biggest and best companies for a reason. It is engineered for efficiency, being simple, effective, and durable.


Although this is a massive machine, it is designed to be operated easily with a customizable touch screen panel. Your staff will learn it easily, with a small amount of training needed.

Goodnature Maximizer

Technical Specifications

Capacity:9 tons per hour
Output:Capable of outputting 1,500 US gallons (5,700 liters) per hour - depends on workflow and recipe
Power Requirements:3 Phase, 460 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight:12,000 lbs. (5443 kg)
Dimensions:24-Layer Press: 20ft L x 10ft W x 12ft H (6m L x 3m W x 4m H) 34-Layer Press: 27ft L x 10ft W x 12ft H (9m L x 3m W x 4m H)
Manufacturing:Made in Buffalo, NY, USA – NAFTA certificate available upon request
Finish:Stainless steel for excellent corrosion and wear resistance
Produce Varieties:Apple, kale, pineapple, spinach, almonds and other nuts, beet, celery, carrot, herbs, lemon, and hundreds more

Produce the highest quality juice of any press on the market

Martinelli’s is a fifth generation family apple juice company founded in 1868 in the beautiful Pajaro Valley on Monterey Bay in California.  Our cool coastal climate and fertile soils produce some of the best tasting apples in the world.  Our Martinelli’s Gold Medal ® juice is pressed from 100% U.S. Grown fresh apples and quality is our number one goal.  We replaced our traditional rack and cloth vertical hydraulic presses with Goodnature squeezebox presses when they were developed (about 25 years ago?) and to this day, they produce the highest quality juice of any press on the market.  Although we have added presses as our business has grown over the years, the original machines are still in operation, proving to be of very robust construction.  Much of the development, refinement and testing of new concepts has taken place in our plant, and we have greatly enjoyed the collaborative partnership we have with the Goodnature team over almost three decades.  S. John Martinelli, President

– S. John Martinelli, President

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