prensado en frío vs. centrifugado

Prensado en frío vs. zumo centrifugado – Una comparación visual

Es muy común entre la gente el debate sobre si hay o no diferencias reales entre el zumo hecho mediante prensado y el zumo hecho en una licuadora centrífuga. El año pasado, solicitamos a un laboratorio de certificación alimentaria que nos analizase los dos tipos de zumo y publicamos los resultados. Los resultados mostraron que…

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Cold-Pressed VS Centrifugal Juice – Part 2: Nutrient Shelf Life

Experiment planned and executed by Ari Sexner, juice business consultant.  You can download the full lab report here. Introduction In the first part of this series, Cold-Pressed VS Centrifugal – Part 1: Real Nutritional Data, we tested the nutrient content of juice made on both a centrifuge and a cold-press and found that the cold-pressed juice…

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Cold-Pressed VS Centrifugal Juice – Part 1: Real Nutritional Data

Written by juice business consultant Ari Sexner, and Charlie Wettlaufer, CEO. Parts 2 and 3 of this series will include shelf life and yield testing. Introduction I have found it difficult sometimes to explain the health benefits of using a cold-press juicer over a centrifugal juicer without any hard evidence. Truth be told, eating two…

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