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5 Tips for Becoming USDA Certified Organic

Guest post by Ari, professional chef and cold pressed juice consultant. For consulting inquires, please contact us or see our consulting services page. Is becoming USDA Certified Organic right for your business? There’s not a lot of information available about going through the process of becoming certified organic for cold pressed juice. After going through the…

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Cold Pressed Juice Branding

How to build a strong cold pressed juice concept. By Kenny Lao, Culinary Task Force I’ve had the honor of speaking with loads of folks and companies who are interested in opening up their own restaurant concepts. I always learn just as much from them as I hope they learn from me! Recently I have…

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Mixing Produce or Grinding Separately

Should I juice every ingredient separately? This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Goodnature X-1 / EG-260. In general, it is best to combine ingredients prior to grinding. We have found that when there is a nice mix of soft and fibrous fruits and vegetables, one can achieve at least 5%…

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Plastic vs Glass Bottles

  Buying bottles for your juice business – Where to buy glass and plastic bottles in bulk   Which type of bottles should I use? Choosing either plastic or glass bottles for your new juice business is an important decision that might have more factors than you have considered. I will explore some of the…

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What is HPP and Do I Need It?

What is HPP? HPP stands for High Pressure Processing. I have heard other terms thrown around like High Pressure Pasteurization, and High Pressure Pascalization. In reality, Pascalization is the process of HPP, so the term High Pressure Pascalization is a bit redundant. Regardless of the specific words used, HPP is the process of putting tons of…

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Blade and Bag Recommendations for the X-1 and EG-260

Which bag, blade, and grinder settings should you use? This is a very basic settings guide for the X-1 and EG-260. If you are mixing ingredients, usually the best combination is the 1/4″ blade at a speed of 40 Hz, and the medium weave press bag. We recommend mixing ingredients, since it makes the grinding…

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