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Understanding Shelf Life of Cold-Pressed Juice

When speaking to clients, we get a lot of questions about shelf life. We try not to give a definite answer because the truth is it depends on a lot of factors and it’s very complicated.  In this post I will attempt to explain the basics of what affects shelf life in raw cold-pressed juice. [Disclaimer:…

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Juice Recipe – Sweet Potato Madness

Serving up some sweet potato sips sure sounds sinister, especially on Halloween, but sample some and see it’s a seriously-satisfying swig! Description: Sweet potato juice is a great source of vitamin A and a good source of vitamin’s C and E as well as a host of other nutrients.  It may sound scary but combined with the…

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Juice Recipe – Golden Green

Our great golden-green clean will have you galloping through the day while still gracefully glowing into the night! This recipe was a new one for us, but it’s a keeper!  It’s full of amazing greens packed with vitamins and nutrients with just a little kick, to keep things interesting.  We ended up with a little under 3 gallons…

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Juice Recipe – Big Red

Updated Aug 8, 2014: Reduced the beet quantity by 3 lbs and updated the yield. I also changed the recommended blade and bag. Description: Nutritional red juice with a ginger kick. Yields about 16-20 bottles of 16oz (500ml) bottles of juice. This juice is rather “strong,” and can be toned down by increasing the amount…

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Juice Recipe – Mountain Doo

Description: A fruity green juice. Yield: 13-18 16 oz (500 ml) bottles of juice. Yield varies depending on produce. This is a recipe we like to use when we give demonstrations on the Goodnature X1. It uses a nice range of fruit and vegetables, showing the capabilities of the machine, and it tastes good. Some…

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