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X-1 Mini Update Videos – Hourly Juice Production and First Look

My brother, Eric, (CEO) was able to make 64 bottles of apple juice (12 ounce bottles) in an hour on a recent prototype of the X-1 Mini last month. We filmed it and decided to post it as a time lapse, as it shows that this machine can really support a small juice business. The…

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Understanding Shelf Life of Cold-Pressed Juice

How long does juice last? When speaking to clients, we get a lot of these juice shelf life questions. We try not to give a definite answer because the truth is it depends on a lot of factors and it’s very complicated.  In this post I will attempt to explain the basics of what affects…

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Cold Pressed Juice in Hawaii

Guest post – submitted by Kristal Muhich, owner of Kauai Juice Co The challenge of sourcing local produce I started a kombucha company 4 years ago thinking I was going to have access to all these great local tropical fruits here on Kauai, but as it turns out, our local food sources are very confined and…

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What is HPP and Do I Need It?

What is HPP? HPP stands for High Pressure Processing. I have heard other terms thrown around like High Pressure Pasteurization, and High Pressure Pascalization. In reality, Pascalization is the process of HPP, so the term High Pressure Pascalization is a bit redundant. Regardless of the specific words used, HPP is the process of putting tons of…

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