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How to Make Cold-Pressed Orange Juice or Pomegranate Juice

Follow these 6 steps to make cold-pressed orange juice or pomegranate juice using the Goodnature X-1: Wash fruit in cold water with your produce wash of choice, let air dry. Cut each piece of fruit in half. Do not grind. Prepare your press by opening it just enough that 1-2 pieces of fruit will fit…

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Calculating Food Costs for Cold Pressed Juice

Food Cost Basics Under normal conditions, a food service establishment needs to keep average food cost under 34% of revenue in order to make a healthy profit. That being said, a retail store that sells bottled juice can achieve a lower food cost, and should strive for 20% – 25% average food cost for organic…

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Mixing Produce or Grinding Separately

Should I juice every ingredient┬áseparately? This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Goodnature X-1 Cold-Press Juicer. In general, it is best to combine ingredients prior to grinding. We have found that when there is a nice mix of soft and fibrous fruits and vegetables, one can achieve at least 5%…

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