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Engineering Cold Pressed Juice Equipment – A Letter From Eric

My Brother, Eric, is Vice President of Engineering at Goodnature, and sent out a wonderful email to myself and the other family members / Goodnature owners today. His words here describe exactly what cold pressed juice equipment is all about: All, I’ve been thinking about how to put in words what our goals are. One thing…

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Cold Press Juicer – How Much Pressure is Too Much?

This is a guest post by Dale Wettlaufer, the founder of Goodnature, and the inventor of the commercial cold press juicer. Some of the things that nature has taught us about making the best tasting juice: Don’t squeeze too hard Don’t squeeze too fast Although the natural tendency in a busy kitchen is to get…

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How Much Produce to Buy

Guest post by Paul Baudier, cold pressed juice, raw food, and smoothie consultant.  How much produce should I plan on buying for my new cold pressed juice business? How much produce to order is a dilemma every operator faces. Do you under or overestimate? What is better for the bottom line? This can be as…

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Cold Pressed Juice Branding

How to build a strong cold pressed juice concept. By Kenny Lao, Culinary Task Force I’ve had the honor of speaking with loads of folks and companies who are interested in opening up their own restaurant concepts. I always learn just as much from them as I hope they learn from me! Recently I have…

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HACCP and SSOP Example for Cold Pressed Juice

Guest post by Eric Toussant, President of GlobalCert Food Safety, LLC For HACCP consulting services, contact Ari Sexner, juice business consultant. Download the complete example HACCP plan: New Juice Co HACCP Download the example SSOP program: New Juice Co. Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures HACCP Program Description: HACCP – Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points. HACCP is a…

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Cold Pressed Juice in Hawaii

Guest post – submitted by Kristal Muhich, owner of Kauai Juice Co The challenge of sourcing local produce I started a kombucha company 4 years ago thinking I was going to have access to all these great local tropical fruits here on Kauai, but as it turns out, our local food sources are very confined and…

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