Introducing the Goodnature Community Online Juicing Forum

  • by Charlie Wettlaufer

The new Goodnature Community online forum is now live.

At JuiceCon this year, one of the topics of conversation that kept popping up was “how can we all stay connected?” Connecting juicing professionals is something I think about a lot, and in fact had already built out most of the back end of a online discussion forum over the last year.

Since JuiceCon, we got to work on putting the finishing touches on the forum and made the beta site live last week. Everything seems to be working as expected, so it’s our pleasure to open the Goodnature Community to the public today.

This is the place to talk about anything related to the juicing industry. Discuss equipment, juicing methods, HPP, recipes, health regulations, juice cleanses, ingredients, and more.

You can sign up using your facebook account, google account, or make a new account using your email. We tried to make it as easy as possible.

What we need now is some great discussions happening, so if you’re ready now go to the forum and get started.

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President and CMO - Goodnature
Co-founder - JuiceCon
Co-founder - Juice Makers Association

I’ve been around juicing all my life. My Dad built his first hydraulic juice press in 1976 and founded the company Goodnature Products, Inc. I have incredible memories of having “cider parties” when we would invite all the people in our rural neighborhood over to make apple juice. To this day, when I taste apple juice made on a Goodnature press, a rush of nostalgia runs through my body.

I pride myself on guiding our clients into the world of cold-pressed juice and showing them how much fun this industry can be. I love talking business, technology, and marketing.

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  1. please share the best preservation techniques for cold pressed juices


    1. Juice with high acidity like lemon juice added to other recipes will extend the shelf life a bit, but if you need longer than 5 days of shelf life you would need to use a secondary processing step like HPP.


  2. I am new to start juice business as I have taken a land of 12 acres for plantation of pomegranate and going further we are planning to have fresh juice. Is anybody who can guide me this technology.


  3. Hi charlie,
    For me this a great idea, its well thought out. Its gonna further make some of us better, and some professionals in the juicing world especially for beginners like me.
    Keep the good work rolling Charlie…


  4. Hello,
    Pls I want to start a small juice business, my goal is to preserve the juice for 6 months after pasturising, pls I will like to gain some tips on how to go about it


    1. Hi Nyame,

      One of our team members will email you to help answer your questions, thanks!


  5. Please share a detailed article about best commercial juicer on base of durability


    1. Hi Maq,

      You will find that our commercial juicers are built to be the highest quality and the most durable on the market today. We have been manufacturing commercial cold press juicers since 1976 and some of our original presses are still in operation. With proper maintenance, our machines can operate indefinitely. Hope that answers your question!


  6. good